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7 Man Mech Classic

We're taking it back to where paintball started, we offer two divisions Amateur and Novice.
Anyone can play, Beginner to Pro.
Entry fee is $400 per team to play, you're able to roster 12 players per team, 6 teams per division.
Custom Paintballs for $45 a case and Evil $50 per case.


February 19th
June 4th
August 6th

Here's How to Register

7 Man Prizes

  1st Place Dye R2's, Belt, Metals and Free Entry to next Event.

  2nd Place 1/2 Entry to next Event and Metals.

3rd Place Metals.

Novice Division is for players ranked D4 and lower. Novice Division is allowed 2 D3 players on a roster.
Amateur Division is for players ranked D3 and above.
Amateur Div is allowed 2 D2 or 1 semi pro or 1 pro player on a roster.
Go to the link below to register.

Zone 7-Man Mech Classic |


Sponsors for our 2023 Season

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